Diane  Richmond  Hall

               "You are among the best artists I have ever  seen.

                                         You are amazing."

                  Entertainer, songwriter, actor, author and artist.

                       Mel Tillis

Joint show, featuring artwork by Mel Tillis & Diane Richmond Hall, was held January 2010 at The Mark Gallery in Stuart, Florida.

Actor and avid art collector Burt Reynolds who owns several pieces of Ms. Hall's work wrote for her: 

"You have a style that is yours and yours alone! You are this years best and every years best, because it's so much heart and talent together in your art."

"I am your biggest fan!"

hyper-real artist

Peter Pulitzer

"Diane Richmond Hall is not only one of the most talented artist I  know, but also one of the most humble."                                                                                      

Galleries in the Palm Beaches and Jupiter have featured Diane Richmond Hall’s paintings. Uncannily, her art appears as alive as the subjects she paints. Hall’s masterful use of materials and unique insight captures the very essence of her subject. She generates an extraordinary exchange of passion between and the viewer and her work.


Dean Jones

staff writer

Palm Beach Post